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Overview of the Toolbox

IOMC Toolbox Overview Image

  1. Internet address (URL)
  2. Top banner including links to "New navigation", "Navigation history", "Map", "Help", "English"
  3. Navigation banner
  4. Next Steps menu
  5. Main content page
  6. Menu with links to more information
  7. List of links to tools relevant to the implementation of the topic chosen

Navigate through the Toolbox

The IOMC Toolbox for Decision Making in Chemicals Management is a problem-solving tool that enables countries to identify the most appropriate and efficient national actions to address specific national problems related to chemicals management.

You navigate through the Toolbox by clicking the radio button of the appropriate “Next Step” for your needs in the left menu. Information on the next step chosen will then be shown in the main content page and new decisions will be available in the left menu.

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Save your navigation history to continue later

When you start a new navigation from the base Internet address (URL) for the IOMC Toolbox website, the system will generate a unique URL. You can then save or bookmark this URL to continue your navigation later.

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Start a completely new navigation

If you wish to start over, either click on “New navigation” in the top banner or paste the original URL ( ) of the site again in the browser window.

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View the steps you have chosen

You can view your progression in the navigation banner. You can scroll to view the path you have taken by clicking on the right and left arrows at both ends of the navigation banner.

Note: You cannot use the back and forward buttons of your Internet navigator.

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Change your decision

If you would like to change a previous decision, use the navigation banner to navigate to a previous step (diamond or rectangle). Click on the diamond or rectangle. It will become orange and the information for the related step will open in the window below. The choice you made previously will be selected by default.

If there was only one choice, you have to click on another step in the navigation banner to move from it. If there was more than one possible choice, you have the possibility to select a different decision in order to continue your navigation on another branch.

If you would like to make another choice, click on another radio button. A message will open asking, “Do you want to keep the path after this step? If you cancel, it will not appear in your navigation history.”

  • If you hit cancel, the steps in the path after this one will be erased.
  • If you hit OK, the steps in the path after this one will be saved in your navigation history.

If you do not want to change your previous decision, click on the last step of the global view to continue your navigation where you stopped.

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View and print content of pages visited

To view and a printable version of the content of pages visited, click “Navigation history” in the top banner.

You will then have the choice to select all, some, or none of the pages (Navigation steps) you visited. As well, you may select all, some, or none of the reference tools (Tools) and “more information” pages (Details) related to the pages you visited.

Then click on the “Print navigation history” button, to see a printer friendly page containing all the content from the pages you selected. You may print the page using the print function in your Internet browser.

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View an overview of the decision-making paths in the IOMC Toolbox

To see an overview of all of the decision-making paths contained in the IOMC Toolbox, click on “Map” in the top banner. You may follow a decision-making path by clicking on the purple boxes to open the next branch in the decision-making path.

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Provide feedback and ask questions

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, please contact us at:

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Video tutorial

Please watch the video tutorial here.

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